Vro - Bordeaux cruelty free cork wallet - PAOLA BORDE

The high-quality Vro wallet is suitable for all. Credit cards and loose change remain secure and easy to access.  Vro is also available in umber-brown, black and navy blue.  Hand-sewn with saddle stitch.  Made in France.

Material: Fine liège cork finished with shea butter.
Interior: Six cards and a pocket for loose change.
Dimensions: 3 cm thick 
Care: Care should be taken with all fine, natural, fashion apparel and accessories.  To clean your wallet, gently rub with a clean, damp cloth.  Never use chemicals.

All Paola Borde products are entirely handmade.  They are hand-sewn using a strong, durable saddle stitch.


  • Secure payment via CB and  Paypal. Secure payment via CB and Paypal.
  • Vegan bag, animal friendly - Durable and ethical leather goods Vegan bag, animal friendly - Durable and ethical leather goods

Vegan unisexe wallet - Vro - Paola Borde  

Wallet with pockets for cards and ID card. Simple and functional. Unisex model. Cruelty free and vegan.

Vegan natural cork 

Paola Borde works mainly with cruelty free vegan leather such as cork. Just as resistant and of the highest quality, the cork is harvested directly from the tree without damaging its growth, while at the same time releasing oxygen in the air. The cork is naturally tinted in slises that gives it flexibility and a keeps it strong. In the end, the slises of cork are covered with seabutter that makes the cork shiny and and protects it against water and sunlight in a 100% naturally way.


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Paola Borde

Paola Borde is the first French brand of vegan art leather and uses methods worthy of a luxury home. Luxury leather goods has always worked with noble materials such as crocodile, alligator or grained calfskin. For Paola Borde, nobility lies in ecological materials with the knowledge that no suffering was involved. Therefore, Paola Borde works with vegan leather such as cork. Just as resistant and of the highest quality. Paola Borde also uses walnut wood prepared by exceptional expert cabinetmakers. Walnut is very light but strong wood, contrary to what one could imagine. Each bag is designed and sawn entirely by hand, which explains longer production time than machine made items. Ecology and sustainability remain key for Paola Borde, both in the choice of product materials and in the choice of packaging only with recycled materials.

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