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The vegan warrior comes back from Iceland

If you follow Bergthor, the vegan warrior, not much will surprise you anymore.  Bergthor revels in providing you with lots of new, easy to implement ways on how to protect the planet and our environment.  He’s got many clever ideas showing how to do more in recycling and explores many of the latest methods to adopt in everyday life in order to live in harmony with the environment.

Recycling of course, is not done the same way in every country.  Much depends on the geo-localisation and size of the country to understand how and why it organizes its recycling processes, as for example, for plastic.

For many, Iceland is an example in good ecological behavior due to its widespread use of green energy.  Also, as one of the Nordic countries, who generally enjoy a good reputation with regards to ecology and strong environmentally conscious policies.  Indeed, the Nordic countries collect nearly all plastic bottles and cans for recycling and glass bottles have a “deposit/refund” system.  Norway for example is up to recycle 98% of its plastic bottles.

But Iceland is a small, island country where plastic bags, film and other plastic items are separated from other waste materials but not recycled in Iceland.  These are sent to Sweden to be incinerated or otherwise recycled.  Of course, Bergthor, our Vegan Warrior is not at all pleased with this and therefore has his own technique to recycle when visiting family in his native Iceland!  (Discover this in the video!)  And you could do the same if you travel to another country that does not recycle plastics as in France.

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