• GOODALL - Women's cruelty free and vegan Sneakers by JEAN LOUIS MAHE
  • GOODALL - Women's cruelty free and vegan Sneakers by JEAN LOUIS MAHE

GOODALL - Women's cruelty free and vegan Sneakers by JEAN LOUIS MAHE

The Goodall women's Sneakers from the handbag designer of the Jean Louis Mahé brand is out and of course you can find it on Vegan Mode. Sneakers with style that go with almost anything like a long dress, a mini-skirt or just a jean. The Goodall's have been designed to give you a maximum of confort in sizes 38 - 41. With these Sneakers the choice is for substainable fashion and a ethical one, made with of microfibres on the inside and in Néolite on the outside. Without animal products and vegan.

Material : 100% microfibres on the inside and Néolite on the outside made in Portugal.   
Care : Gently rub bag with a water-soaked cloth. Do not use chemicals.
Sizes: 38– 41



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Vegan bag, animal friendly - Durable and ethical leather goods

Women's vegan baskets - Goodall - Jean Louis Mahé 

The first women's Sneakers from Jean Louis Mahé that are fabricated by a family firm in Portugal come in sizes 38 - 41. Substainable and etique fashion in a eco-friendly fabric made with microfibers and without toxic chemicals. The Goodall´s are made to be very confortable and without any animal products.

Vegetal leather in microfibers 

The french fashion brand Jean Louis Mahé has made the choice to repalce animal skin by a vegetal eco-friendly leather manly made out of microfibres and polyuréthane without solvants. The Goodall´s are a part of the idea, vegan and substainable. The Sneakers are made with micofibers in cotton, vegan and cruelty free.


Data sheet

Vegan leather in microfibres
For women

Specific References

Jean Louis Mahé

Jean Louis Mahé in based in Aix en Provence designs bags with no animal fabrics (100% vegan and environmental friendly) choosing its partners carefully according to their ecological and ethical charts. The brands name is honoring the name of the stylist, Virginie Barbier’s grand-parents as an echo to ethical tradition : respecting the nature, loving it and be amazed about the wonders of the planet, all that being humble. Jean Louis Mahé is Peta labelized and won the prize for the best vegan ban in 2017 for Antilope, reminding the wild nature of Asia and Africa, a constant inspiration for the designer.

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