Ready for the fight?

Since early spring, we have been hearing how terrible 2020 is, in every sense of the word. We remember our projections for this special year: “2020 is a great number, it will be a great year!” Unfortunately, the reality has been quite different! But should we really give up and just throw in the towel? Must we see the glass half empty rather than half full? No, of course not! The present moment can serve to inspire us to change!

It’s up to us to invent the world of tomorrow by thinking differently! Let’s be creative! More than ever, Vegan Mode is following this trend with its selection of fashion accessories, using no animal products whatsoever, its resolutely eco-responsible approach, favoring recycled and local or ‘made in France’ materials.

But that’s not all! Vegan Mode is launching a new challenge: to embrace an educational and militant approach for the planet and animals. Indeed, more than ever Vegan Mode, with its creator Bergthor, is mobilizing its efforts to:

  • instill ethics in the fashion world,
  • promote ecological/vegan creators,
  • disseminate tips on how to better protect nature in our daily lives,
  • support environmental/animal friendly associations and demonstrate alongside them,
  • go blogging in groups or individually.

In order to give greater visibility to this dynamism, your Vegan Mode online store has been completely redesigned, both in terms of substance and form. A significant amount of work was necessary to technically improve the site and all the website parameters with a clear objective in mind:

To transform each client’s visit into a pleasant journey full of discovery. The emphasis has been on a strong awareness of vegan and eco-responsible products but also for richer content concerning our green planet and respect for animals. At the same time, you will discover great new features and of course new brands will continue to arrive on Vegan Mode: magnificent sneakers, men’s shoes as well as bags for men and women. So please do subscribe to our Instagram, YouTube and Facebook where you can follow the latest fashion news from Vegan Mode, along with helpful info and good advice from Bergthor, a vegan warrior who continues to work tirelessly for a better world. Join the tribe of vegan and green warriors and maybe become a vegan warrior yourself and help to change and improve the fashion world and our way of consumption. Let’s enter this new world together.

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