Camille Vial spent her first fashion years in Paris after a master in stylisme in Berlin. Then she worked six years for French multimass clothing companies in New Delhi. When she came back to France Camille knew she wanted to create a fashion world of her own, a lot more ethical one. Raphaël Vial, Camille´s brother, comes from a business school. Passionated by the sea, he was a skipper for a while on a ship protecting the environment. So creating an eco-responsoable fashion company was not such a bad idea for him. That’s the way the Camille family fashion firm started. There are three ideas that are the DNA of Camille : substainability fashion, cruelty free vegan fashion and local fabricating, made in France. View products

From Bordeaux comes the familiy affair Fantôme. They had the genius idea to make handbags from bicycles used inner tubes, collected in the South-west of France. The bags are not just modern and stylish but also very resistant and durable thanks to the inner tubes. The DNA of Fantôme is : not to produce something that does not last and will be replaced at the end of the season. That ecological idea of recycling goes even further as not animal suffering is needed, there is not even clue in the Fantôme products because they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Jean Louis Mahé in based in Aix en Provence designs bags with no animal fabrics (100% vegan and environmental friendly) choosing its partners carefully according to their ecological and ethical charts. The brands name is honoring the name of the stylist, Virginie Barbier’s grand-parents as an echo to ethical tradition : respecting the nature, loving it and be amazed about the wonders of the planet, all that being humble. Jean Louis Mahé is Peta labelized and won the prize for the best vegan ban in 2017 for Antilope, reminding the wild nature of Asia and Africa, a constant inspiration for the designer.

Kweder is an italian brand that comes from the island of Sicily and the cultural heritage can easily be seen in the design (painting, mosaique, antiques), all handmade in Italy. The brand was created by the Kweder sisters in 2016, reuniting local artistic inspiration and local fabrication as well as reducing pollution. All Kweders bags are made without any animal fabrics, cruelty free, vegan and all fabrics are easilly traceable and identifiable. Kweder uses a very modern lazer cutting to decorate some of its bags inspired by Sicilian broderies and are in several pastel colors as pale green, light blue and poudre pink. Kweder is clearly inspired by Itallian romanticism et Mediterrian colors, the art of live proudly assumed.

Marlín Birna was born in Reykjavík, Iceland. In 1995 she moved to London to study Fashion Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion. This exciting experience for the young Icelandic, opened up a wealth of opportunity in the design industry where Marlín, in true entrepreneurial style, was able to unleash her creative, eye catching ideas and transfer those ideas into actual collections starting with her own label. An introduction to the creative team at Lancôme UK, resulted in Marlín being awarded best designer for the Lancôme UK, Department Store employees uniform, for 2 years in a row. Marlín’s highest profile client during that period was the famous Icelandic singer Björk. Marlín worked in collaboration with the artist as one of her prefered bespoke costumier for several award ceremonies, media engagements and video outfits during the late 90’s. Marlín went on to work in central London alongside the respected and renowned worldwide independent footwear designer Marta Jónsson. Jewellery by Marlín Birna is her latest creative adventure. Carving a niche and unique twist to creative cufflinks, pendants and bracelets designs, in the innovative material, Piñatex, made from Pineapple Leaves Fibres.

Paola Borde is the first French brand of vegan art leather and uses methods worthy of a luxury home. Luxury leather goods has always worked with noble materials such as crocodile, alligator or grained calfskin. For Paola Borde, nobility lies in ecological materials with the knowledge that no suffering was involved. Therefore, Paola Borde works with vegan leather such as cork. Just as resistant and of the highest quality. Paola Borde also uses walnut wood prepared by exceptional expert cabinetmakers. Walnut is very light but strong wood, contrary to what one could imagine. Each bag is designed and sawn entirely by hand, which explains longer production time than machine made items. Ecology and sustainability remain key for Paola Borde, both in the choice of product materials and in the choice of packaging only with recycled materials.

The Traveler Pineapple is a young and French company which is located in the Côte d’Azur next to Nice. The style of the brand is trendy with the idea that less is more. The design wants to remain holidays with an exotic touch with the maple wood, stainless steel and vegan leather. It is possible to change the bracelets of the watch with another material or colour according to the moment or the mood. To choose Traveler Pineapple means to buy in environmentally friendly way as from the begging to the end, the watch is made in France.

The French bag designer Karina from Bordeaux designs under the brand name KARMYLIEGE. Karina works with cork which is a very interesting material in bags and wallets and other. KARMALIEGE combines ancient Portuguese work technology and French creativity and elegance. Since 2013, KARMYLIEGE has been operating with a small family company specializing in cork that has long been a very popular material in Portugal. Perhaps nothing strange as the cork oak grows to a considerable extent in Portugal. It is the co-working of these two companys that ensures the best in cork leather and purse. Cork is a substainable, renewing itself as the cork grows back on the tree. In addition, the work dissolves oxygen from the trees and is positive for the environment. The cork is a very interesting option to animal leather, naturally water resistant, soft and exceptionally lightweight which is unquestionably an advantage in bag making. Who doesn’t recognize a bag on the shoulder that’s already too heavy, even before something goes into it ! The cork processing protects the forests because the trees are not impacted, they continue to absorb carbon dioxide, CO2 and reduce air pollution. Namely, the cork oak is more efficient than many other types of wood to bind carbon dioxide. It can therefore be referred to as a carbon dioxide trap. The flora in the environment is also preserved as well as the wild animals that thrive there. KARMYLIEGE’s design is made of cork only and there are no animal products in the production. KARMYLIEGE is certified by the international animal protection organization PETA

The vegan materials and the metal, wood or plastic accessories used in the production of VALENTINA ROMAN STUDIO shoes designed by Valentina Roman were bought from the Italian manufacturers and suppliers. Various stages of production are carried out in workshops located in the same area, with the intention of working with local companies and to minimize transportation, a major source of pollution. Animal leather is a much more harmful to the environment than the synthetic microfibers used in the production of vegan shoes or bags. It must be taken into account before using a leather product, that an animal was born, raised, fed, and then slaughtered, to provide you with leather. All these phases carry a cost and a harmful impact worsened by the tanning process performed using toxic and unbiodegradable products and special treatments, hazardous to nature. Engineers have developed high quality and durable synthetic materials similar to leather to make beautiful “cruelty-free” vegan products. This certified “Animal-Free” soft material is water repellent, breathable, durable, and solvent-free. The fibrous structure of the material feels a lot like genuine leather and features superior performance characteristics. Suede-look microfiber, a high-quality product, certified ISO 9002, feels soft, is supple, breathable, water-repellent, and maintenance-friendly. The dyes are selected according to EU Ecological Standards. No solvents or pesticides are present in this material. The absorbent, breathable, soft, light, and antibacterial vegan lining is approved by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). The soles are made of rubber or micro, the heels are made of polystyrene, wood or Masonite, the glue is water-based, and the shoe boxes are made of recyclable cardboard.
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