For the coming year

It is with great joy that Vegan Mode announces a new partnership with the wine boutique A l’AnqueVin located at 10 rue Cassini in Nice. This new address operated by Nathalie Montain specializes in organic, biodynamic and vegan wine, hence the collaboration with Vegan Mode.

Considering the career of this young sommelier, one might think that a wine boutique might just have been a pipe dream. Nathalie Montain started studying law, worked as a bailiff in the countryside and eventually in banking before completely changing direction to return to her roots as she herself describes so well: “Brought up with a love of wine and the arts of the table, passed on to me by my family and marked by the colors, smells and flavors of the Côtes d’Or; Côtes d’Émeraude and Côtes d´Azur, my real destiny could easily have been predicted.”

Pour l'année qui vient

At 38, following some odd and wonderful encounters, Nathalie decided to completely change directions. After having worked one winter in Dinard, Brittany, with three wine merchants, Nathalie enrolled in the Sommellerie training of Franck Thomas, and graduated at the top of her class. She then worked as a sommelier, notably at the 5-star restaurant, Terre Blanche in Tourettes in the Var, alongside star chef Phillipe Jourdin. Her role as mother incited her to return to Nice to take full advantage of her little girl, and with the desire to make an old dream come true: to create an intimate and cozy space to share all the stories and memories that are dear to her. Stories of the vineyard, olive trees, and local products sublimated by enthusiasts with the greatest respect for natural materials, the environment, and traditions.

Nathalie Montain has long been sensitive to questions concerning the environment, endeavouring to consume less and better, and has become a zero waste advocate. She also experiments with many recipes based on natural products, to overcome, among other things, her allergies. Her values are fully in line with her meetings with professionals in search of a cleaner, healthier world by working with wine and other edible delights. The sum of these collaborations finally gave birth to the boutique l’AnqueVin, “a place that pays homage to all those men and women who put their entire souls and sweat into each of their creations, solid or liquid…and which are marked with a respect for humanity, nature, the flora and fauna and biodiversity as a whole.”


The name l’AnqueVin comes from Nathalie’s grandfather who, at 98 years young, always repeats “Ah ma petite, A l’an que ven ! Se sian pas mai, que siguen pas men” or roughly: “Oh my little one, for the coming year, if we are not more, let us not be less”. A phrase often spoken like a prayer in Provence in the Occitan region, on New Year’s Eve and at the end of the harvest. Hence the boutique’s name, for Nathalie Montain, the sommelier, is only a passer of wines and stories and it is with this humility and respect that opens the doors of the boutique.

So it is with pride and enthusiasm that Vegan Mode partners with l’AnqueVin wine boutique. This sommelier’s philosophy not only melds perfectly with Vegan Mode’s values, but it is once again a beautiful encounter.


Visiting the wine boutique, you’ll discover a selection of items that may have a link with wine, such as the wallets and cork bags from Karmyliege and Paola Borde, a material obviously used for bottle stoppers. Another point in common is with the bags of Camille de Paris, using piñatex made from pineapple leaf fibers or frumat, made from recycled apple skins. The lining always remains in organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles.

So now you can find your organic wine or other delicacies and at the same time find eco-friendly and vegan accessories made in France. For those who are not lucky enough to live in Nice, the online store is of course open 24/7.

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