• EDEN women's card holder - CRUELTY FREE and vegan - CAMILLE
  • EDEN women's card holder - CRUELTY FREE and vegan - CAMILLE
EDEN women's card holder - CRUELTY FREE and vegan - CAMILLE

ADEN - Cruelty free and vegan card holder - CAMILLE

A handy and lightweight card holder for your most importants cards.  Available also in red or  brown.

Material:  Synthetic eco-friendly Italian fabric with lining from recycled polyester and biological coton. Vegan and cruelty-free.  Made in France.
Dimensions:  W:6,5cm x H:9,5cm
Care: Gently wipe with a soft humid cloth. Do not rub as it can affect the surface.   



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Vegan bag, animal friendly - Durable and ethical leather goods

Vegan women's cart holder - Aden - Camille 

A handy and lightweight card holder for your most importants cards. A perfect size for a small bag or to put in a Pocket. Available also in black.

Alcantara eco-synthetic fabric’s

For Camille it’s very important to choose carefully the fabricants that make the syntetic fabric’s Alcantara that comes from polyester and polyeurthane certified by OekoTex with a limited and controled usage of chemicals, cruelty free and vegan. These fabrics have the same strength as leather, has but a lot less environmentally harmful. Camille usally works with local fabricants except for the eco-synthetic fabrics that are italien. Of course all materials using animal origines are excluded but also very polluting fabrics as PVC or fake leather.


Data sheet

Alcantara, synthetic eco-friendly material
For women

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Camille Vial spent her first fashion years in Paris after a master in stylisme in Berlin. Then she worked six years for French multimass clothing companies in New Delhi. When she came back to France Camille knew she wanted to create a fashion world of her own, a lot more ethical one. Raphaël Vial, Camille´s brother, comes from a business school. Passionated by the sea, he was a skipper for a while on a ship protecting the environment. So creating an eco-responsoable fashion company was not such a bad idea for him. That’s the way the Camille family fashion firm started. There are three ideas that are the DNA of Camille : substainability fashion, cruelty free vegan fashion and local fabricating, made in France.

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