Camille, la reine des pommes

Camille, The Apple Queen

For centuries, man has used leather to dress and cover his body, especially during the night inside caves and caverns. Over time, clothes evolved with new materials while keeping leather for jackets, coats, pants, shoes and of course certain accessories such as handbags, made almost exclusively, until recently, of leather.
But the world changes quickly and today, we cannot deny that our planet is beginning to suffer seriously from human consumption and our unstoppable modus vivendi. Now, as much as possible, we must find alternative solutions to our way of life, in order to save our dear Mother Earth. After incriminating agriculture, we realize that textiles and the fashion industry are also big polluters. It’s not surprising, then, that new, previously untried materials are appearing in the marketplace with a view towards developing eco-friendly trade.

Proof is with the French designer brandCamille, who for a number of years has created its brand of eponymous handbags in Paris. Camille’s latest ingenuity is vegetable leather made from recycled apple skins. The idea of using apple skins in this way is Italian, first developed by Alberto Volcan, an engineer in Tyrol, who wanted to produce paper with apple skin. The agri-food industry uses apples to make juices and cider, among other things, and apple residues are reclaimed, crushed, dried and then powdered before blending with polyurethane. Apple skin leather, is extremely resistant, flexible and waterproof, and now appears as an alternative to animal leather. It is significantly less polluting and is obviously respectful of animals. And leather from apple skins has the same characteristics as animal leather.

This season Camille has released the first, all-apple skin leather bag, the black Tasman Crossbody. Used in other models as well, such as the large Hobo Oman, alcantara or jacquard, where the handles and details are now in this same vegetal leather. On Floresand other Tasmanbags a mixture of alcantara and apple skins is used.

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