Pinatex or the revolution in accessories

Pinatex or the revolution in accessories

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PIÑATEX - elegant, environmentally friendly and made from pineapple leaves piñatex is a revolution in luxury leather goods.

Have you ever had a pineapple leaf bag or shoes? If not, it may be high time to consider a purchase. For a number of years now, leather made from pineapple leaf fiber, or Piñatex ™, has taken the lead in the growing industry of alternative leather.

A longtime consultant in the leather industry, Carmen Hijosa, a native of Spain, was inspired by a traditional Philippine garment made of nonwoven fabric derived from cellular fibers found in pineapple leaves. For 7 years she worked on the idea. In addition to being extraordinarily strong and lightweight, an important aspect of this material is its biodegradability and its environmentally friendly impact. Before the advent of piñatex, every year some 40 tons of pineapple leaves were burned or left to decompose, with obvious negative environmental consequences. Today these leaves are a significant income supplement for farmers. In the Philippines, fiber is extracted from the pineapple leaves directly on farms before the fruits are harvested.

The leaves are transformed into a textile material after industrial processing and any remaining waste is then used as a natural fertilizer. Fibers are then transformed into a non-woven mesh in England and Spain. The resulting textile can be dyed, printed or processed to create different types of textures, including a look and feel like animal leather. To produce 1m² Piñatex ™ 480 leaves are required, an equivalent to 16 pineapples. 

After obtaining a master's degree in design in Berlin, Camille Vial began her career in Parisian fashion offices. Her work took her to New Delhi where she worked for 6 years managing development and production for some French large distribution brands. Upon returning to Paris, Camille wanted to see and think fashion differently. She has keen interest in slow fashion (responsible consumption), ecology, ‘made in France’ and the consequences of animal exploitation. 

Graduated with a master in entrepreneurship from business school, Raphael Vial, Camille's brother, participated in the creation and development of two companies. Passionate about the sea, Raphaël worked as a skipper with environmental protection associations. Today, participating in the creation of the vegan brand Camilleis quite natural for him, bringing together his entrepreneurial talents and environmental desires.

Pinatex is a material used by Camille in bags and shows the possibilities of this vegetal leather in vibrant colors of black, red and gold. Chic and trendy yet light and resistant for everyday use.

Stayed tuned to see exciting new offers of pinatex products by an Icelandic designer working in the heart of English fashion.

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