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  • Stealing women from Chanel to Jean Louis Mahé
    Published : 2020-01-14 | Categories : News

    Vegan Mode starts the year with a new line of sneakers by jean Louis Mahé. It may be interesting to pause a moment and ask the question why does it seem that women have stolen their sneakers from the men's locker room ?

  • Cork is more than just a plug in a bottle !
    Published : 2019-12-23 | Categories : News

    Vegan Mode continues to expand and we are now introducing the French bag designer Karina from Bordeaux who designs under the brand KARMYLIEGE

  • Vegan Mode supports The Walking Dogs
    Published : 2019-12-12 | Categories : News

    On Sunday December 15, The Walking Dogs event will be held for the third time, organized by several animal protection groups. The idea behind the event is to have the dogs adopted without them becoming a Christmas present. T

  • Marlín Birna for the very first time in France thanks to Vegan Mode !
    Published : 2019-10-14 | Categories : News

    Marlín Birna is the new star at Vegan Mode and is part of a new and lager choise for our customers with of course handbags and wallets but also jewellery and clothes as t-shirts and socks in organic cotton 100% made in France and soon also some ready to wear.

  • Pinatex or the revolution in accessories
    Published : 2019-09-10 | Categories : News

    PIÑATEX - elegant, environmentally friendly and made from pineapple leaves piñatex is a revolution in luxury leather goods.

  • Camille, The Apple Queen
    Published : 2019-06-07 | Categories : News

    For centuries, man has used leather to dress and cover his body, especially during the night inside caves and caverns. Over time, clothes evolved with new materials while keeping leather for jackets, coats, pants, shoes...

  • Tips for making a decorative vegan storage box/planter.
    Published : 2019-04-05 | Categories : News

    Veganism is not just a diet but a lifestyle in itself, where every action undertaken is intended to benefit animal life and our planet...

  • Bye bye Karl Lagerfeld
    Published : 2019-02-22 | Categories : News

    With the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director of Chanel, it could be argued that the last of the great couturiers has left us...

  • The first ever Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles
    Published : 2019-01-22 | Categories : News

    Is it surprising that next month Los Angeles will host the first ever Vegan Fashion Week? No, not really. Ecological awareness and concern for the environment, and indeed veganism, are flourishing in California, and far more developed than in France

  • Make up your mind !
    Published : 2018-12-10 | Categories : News

    When one starts listing the negative impacts our lives have on the planet it is difficult to stop. We are always discovering more and more negative consequences, whether in our plates, in the fashion world, cleaning products or even still, cosmetics.

  • A different kind of planter
    Published : 2018-12-06 | Categories : News

    Contrary to what one might think, choosing a flowerpot, as choosing any decorative accessory, is an integral step in obtaining harmo

  • PETA: Forty years of fighting on behalf of animals
    Published : 2018-11-13 | Categories : News

    We had the great pleasure this week of receiving an endorsement from PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and are now officially PETA certified. PETA is one of the largest animal welfare associations in the world with more than six and a half million...

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