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A second life for a swimming pool, BI BIZI

The beautiful spring weather inevitably brings with it the strong desire get out of doors and take in the fresh air.  Here in the South of France, to the delight of all, we invariably think of a dip in the swimming pool.  With the temperature rising, a dip in the water, and maybe even a few laps, is undeniably pleasant.

The trend is towards recovery and reduction of the ecological footprint.  The fashion world is one of those areas which must, and will, reinvent itself  in an attempt to find an answer to the question “how to do better with less”.  From its inception, Vegan Mode has subscribed this ideology, i.e., to invent the world of tomorrow in fashion by promoting products in natural materials such as vegetal leather, apple skin, pineapple, organic cotton and entirely without material in which animals have been used (leather, glue, fat).

The designer Camille in Paris, one of our long-term partners, uses a fabric from recycled plastic PET bottles as the lining in her bags.  Fantôme is also a vegan fashion brand who ingeniously uses recycled tire inner tubes which would otherwise end up in landfill along with the consequential pollution.

Today Vegan Mode presents a new brand that takes us to the pool as its creators have decided to leave with the pool cover, the material you know so well under your feet in the swimming pool: the reinforced liner.  The BiBizi brand (the name means “Two Lives” in Basque) was born on the Atlantic Coast, in workshops in Anglet and Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains.  Convinced that we over consume, and consume badly, comes a commitment to tackle the problem of a material that until recently, was not recycled: the pool liner.  BiBizi transforms scraps of this material into a hand bags and purses with a simple and refined design, while at the same time reducing landfill without adding any waste.  No glue or stitching, no leather or fabric: “we absolutely want to reduce our impact”.  This is the philosophy of BiBizi.

An artisanal production where each step is an opportunity to meet craftsmen, artists and above all committed activists aware of their responsibility to a planet with endangered resources.  All that loves ! Finally, the price: as fair as possible and allowing everyone to consume ethically but ensuring workers and artisans a fair remuneration for their work so that fashion and the world evolve sustainably.

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